quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011


Greetings my name is George and as the title shows I have a dream…

Here is my story; I grew up with in a family that didn’t have the financial opportunity neither the mentality to put me through college. So as you can understand I lacked the proper influence and guidance at home to pursue a college education and career at an early age.

But as long as I can remember I always craved the ability to improve myself both mentally and spiritually. I always believed that we should help our fellow man in any way we can, so the study of Medicine was planted as an idea in my head since it completed that purpose and my way of thinking. That “idea” slowly started evolving into a dream and it became so intense, I decided to follow that dream.
As the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step, after a few discouraging events I made it!

I am currently studying at a very good European University and my studies were going as planned until the unexpected happened. The person you supported me through this journey, both financially and psychologically passed away.

After that point a series of major problems entered my life.

I tried and I am still trying to find a solution to my problem, so I can fulfill my dream and avoid financial problems interrupting my studies. Unfortunately the strict curriculum, attendance policy of the University and also the country’s mentality in general don’t leave me with much choice, so I decided to ask for help from the people around me. I would prefer not to reveal my name or the University I’m currently attending, because I would like to avoid any problems it may or may not cause with my future career as a doctor.
In order to continue pursuing my dream I need financial and psychological support, because it is always nice to have someone that truly cares about you.

The annual University tuition fee is 9000 euro plus some small personal expenses.

If anyone is really interested in helping my situation, I would really appreciate it if they contacted me. Of course all the necessary details will be given to the ones interested genuinely.

E-mail: thegeorgegp@gmail.com
Video conference through Skype: thegeorgegp

I thank you kindly for your time.

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